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Making Deposits with eWalletXpress

You are going to be so pleased with the variety of deposit options available for funding your eWallet Xpress account. A few of which provide the instantaneous transfer of funds, all the better for playing at our fabulous casinos right away!

The first deposit you make by checking account is free, and all subsequent checking deposits are subject to a small fee. There is a $750 weekly limit on this method, whether in U.S. or Canadian dollars. You may also choose to send a bank wire, which has no deposit limit and is only subject to a small bank fee. However, if you are a big spender, this is your best option!

Deposits can also be made by Xpress Funds Checking service, which is not available during the initial registration period. Deposit limits for this method start at $750, with the option to up to $4500 over time. Money orders can be sent at a limit of $1000 per day and are free of charge. Account holders in the U.S. also have the 900Pay service available for making deposits.

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