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Getting Started with eWalletXpress

Opening an account with eWallet Xpress could not be any easier. No credit card is required to sign up, so no need to worry about that. Plus they have one of the simplest registration processes around, and it's fast too! All the better to have you on your way to playing at your favorite online casinos!

The first thing you want to do is visit the eWallet Xpress homepage and click on the tab to sign up. There are a couple of brief forms to fill out online, just the basics really. However, be prepared to have your banking info handy, as eWallet Xpress does require that as part of the account registration process.

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Once you have completed the online registration, the next step is to have your bank account information validated by eWallet Xpress. Within a few days of opening your account, eWallet Xpress will make a small test withdrawal from your bank account. The withdrawal will show up as being from Navaho Networks, which is their parent company.

Once you have this information, login to your eWallet Xpress account and enter the exact amount of the withdrawal in the correct field for completing the account validation portion. Be certain that you enter the exact amount of the withdrawal, as you have 3 attempts to get this right or your eWallet Xpress account will be disabled.

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